NOTICE: I've started indexing and pricing this stuff. Finally. I expect to post the list before the end of February (this year.) Please check back, or send me an email to get on the notification list.

If you've found this place, congratulations. It's not actually ready to be published. But, since you're already here, you may as well take a look at this list.

This list represents an impressive number of boxes of magic tricks and books I recently purchased. They largely made up the inventory of two closed magic shops. Once I cull out the things I intend to keep, I'll publish an updated list with prices. Consider it an Internet version of a local magic club's "flea market".

Until then, feel free to email me with your wishlist and we'll work something out.



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$100 Dictionary Test
$50 Bill Challenge Lock
12 audio cassette tapes of interviews with famous magicians
20 “Magic Is A Tricky Business” bumper stickers
21st century card trick–Seabrooke
30 misc. magic bumper stickers
4 Ace card packet
50 Cent Tip
5th Dimension (4)
Abbott’s wooden Die Box
Acid Rain
Al Baker Diminishing cards
Al Cohen’s Incredi-go
Al Baker Diminishing cards (ND) (3)
Al Koran’s Holiday Dream Prediction by Richard Mark
Al Mann’s Memo-Graph impression wallet
Aladdin’s magic box (2)
An Evening At The Tomfoolery with Tom Mullica (videotape)
Angel Coin (ND)
Animated Card Rise
Appearing soda can
Arthur Emerson’s Insight
Ascanio rising cards
Bare Hand coin vanish (3))
Baronio’s Walloping Wallet
Beer can chop cup (3)
Ben Harris’ The Word book test
Bendix Bombshell wallet
Bengal Net illusion
Beta wallet
Bill Tube brass (ND)
Bill Tube (brass)
Bill Penetration (wooden)
Bill Tube (2)
Bill Penetration
Blackstone’s Hidden Hare card trick
Bob King’s Solution Wallet
Bongo Blendo Silk
Bottomless glass
Brainwave deck (2)
Brainwave deck (8)
Brahmin Oriental Rice Bowls from Morrissey
Brass Card pan
Cake In Hat instructions
Caliph’s Cone from Viking Magic
Card Silk
Card Flight
Card Warp (2)
Card Case
Card Swami
Chang Ling coin box
Change Royal
China Change coin trick
Chinese Comedy Slates (2)
Chinese comedy slate message
Chinese water suspension (4)
Chinese laundry ticket
Chinese Coin box (wooden)
Chink A Chink
Close Encounter wallet
Close Encounters (2)
Coca-Cola chop cup (no balls) (2)
Coin changing pen (3)
Coke-N-Nuts puzzle
Color Mental deck
Color changing double silks
Color Flippp
Color changing knives
Color Changing Hanks (dbl.)
Color Chip Choose
Color changing plastic cube (ND)
Colorful Fu-Man-Shu Tee Shirt XL
Combination close up case and table
Con Deck
Cones and Balls (very old)
Copperfield’s Room Service
Corinda billet pencil
Crazy Chalk
Crazy Cube (2)
Crazy Nut
Crikey mysterious spinning key
Crooked Pack (3)
Cross Light rod effect
Crosstown rod trick
Crushing beer can
Crystal card box
Crystal Tube
Daryl’s The Whole Thing
De Lawrence’s X-Ray Eye Act (very old)
Deck Vanish from Fedko
DeKram Deck
Design Prophecy (ND)
Dice Divination
Dick Zimmerman’s Dingle Book
Dime and Penny (2)
Donald’s Levitating Rubber Bands
Double Devil Napkin
Double Locking Slates (large)
Double Decker from White and Dusheck
Dr. Kemp’s Unbelievable Mental Routine
Dragon Silk (large)
Drawing Pin-etration match boxes
Dusheck’s Washout
Dusheck's Super Penetration
Dusheck’s Confounding Copper
Dusheck’s Shellebration
Dusheck’s Swindle Clip
Dusheck’s Gung Ho deck vanish
El Duco’s Talking Card
Elevator Coins
Ellis Ring
Emerson and West’s Pocket Secretary
Enardoe’s Mirror Glass
ESP deck (large deck of Rhine cards)
ESP Oracle
Expanding Deck
Experiment X
Extra Sandsational Perception
Fantasio appearing cane
Fedko’s Bloc of Fu Manchoo
Feel-A-Color (5)
Fenichel’s mechanical rising cards
Fickle Nickel (ND)
Finn Jon’s leather Chop Cup
Flim Flam Cards
Folding half dollar
Folding Centavo coin
Fooled-Fooled Again (very old)
Foulard (very large)
Four Flush (3)
Frame Up by Bornstein
Future Foretold Deck (12)
Future Mental (missing three knit balls)
Future Foretold (7)
Good Night Silk
Goshman super soft sponge balls set of four 2"dia.
Goshman sponge balls (ND) (3)
Grape soda chop cup
Greater Magic Library-John Carney (videotape)
Haunted deck
Haunted Deck
Haunted Hank (2)
Himber 5th Dimension
Himber Wallet (leather) (2)
Himber leather wallet (3)
Hot Rod (large)
Hot Rod (2)
Houdini death certificate
House of Cards
Hull’s Homing Ball
Hydrosorb magic powder (slush powder)
Hypervision by Tenyo
ID switch case
Image-Ination mindreading deck
Impromptu Card rise
Invisible Pack
Jack London’s Prediction Chest Effect
Jack Miller’s Confusing Wands
Jack Dean’s Parajaks
Joe Berg’s Super Wallet
John Cornelius’ Marked
John Cornelius’ It’s a Killer
John Cornelius’ IM Principle
Johnson Coin’s The Mint
Johnson’s Ultimate Expanded Shell
Jumbo Find the Queen
Jumping Gems
Kantor’s Dancing Hank (instructions)
Key Rect
Kidz Choice
Knife through coat
Kovari Magic Pom Poms
Ladshaw’s Sleeping Pill
Larry Becker’s Ultimate Flashback
Larry Becker’s Ultimate Bank Nite
Larry Becker’s PK 2000
Leather chop cup (no balls)
Linking Finger rings
Magic coin box
Magic card case (Tenyo)
Magic coin box
Magical advertising card case (2)
Magical Tee shirt (medium) (3)
Magnetic reed switches
Marvin forcing deck (8)
Mason’s Prediction wallet
Mason’s Mental Miracle (old, fair cond.)
Massel silk dye from Supreme Magic
Mastermind by Chris Kenworthey
Mercurio matchbox
Mexican Bill Box
Micro Drum Head
Millionaire wallet (3)
Mind Shatter
Mini Milk Pitcher (3)
Miracle Calculator (2)
Miracle X Himber wallet
Miracle Reverse
Miracle Card Slate
Miracle Nut and Bolt
Mirage from Tenyo
Misc. small tricks
Morrissey Magic’s Smoker’s Dream
Nemo switch case
Ninja Experiment
Now Is The Hour (3)
Now Is the Hour
Okito coin box
Okito Box
One way forcing deck (2)
One card Brainwave
One Step Over the Borderline
Osterlind’s IM pad
Out of this World (2)
Out of this World
Pandora’s Box card gimmick (3)
Paul Diamond Himber wallet
Paul Diamond Reel
Paul Diamond Rising Cards
Paul Diamond Himber Wallet (4)
Perpetual flowing water faucet (large)
Petrick’s Handy Shiner
Phantini Miracle Blindfold
Phantini’s Super Mental deck
Phantini’s Princess Card deck
Phantini’s Delusion Deck
Phantom Pencil
Phil Goldstein’s Cash on the Corner
Piatt’s Peek
Pinnacle Pad
PK wooden box
PK magnets (two small, one very large)
Plastic Himber wallet
Pocket card rise from Perfect Magic
Poltergeist close-up case
Porta Copier money printing wallet
Posters of old magicians on tin sheets about 18"x15" (5)
Prediction Monte
Prediction Unlimited
Prediction Box (wooden)
Production items (silks and gauze) (6)
Prognos-X (ND)
Psy Compass
Psychic Nail Bender (2)
Quarters to Dimes
R and M flat leather chop cup
Rabbit silk
Rabbit in Wallet–Tenyo
Racherbaumer’s Die Cipher box
Ralph Read’s Perfected Mental Masterpiece
Reflections Unlimited
Reverse Osmosis
Ribbon Box (2)
Ricardo’s Knife Through Arm Illusion
Rice Dragon silk (large)
Rice’s Meet The Missus silk
Rice’s Silko-Transpo
Ring Off rope effect
Rising business card
Rod through glass
Root Beer can chop cup
Rope to Silk
Royal Pentro Penny
Royal Feel-A-Color
Sherlock Holmes forcing book
Sherlock Holmes forcing book
Siamese Rope Mystery (2)
Sid Lorraine’s 1971 Reference List of Magic Dealers
Silent Mora Chinese coin trick
Silk from playing card
Silk reading Central NY Magifest
Silk Frame
Simon Lovell’s SLOB
Simplex Mental Blindfold
Six Trix Mix (9)
Skull key chain
Sneaky Stirrers
Solari’s Incredible
Souvenir deck of cards from the Desert Magic Seminar 1984
Spectra color changing rods
Spirit slates (small) (4)
Squeeze Away Die from Jack Miller
Stan Slush powder
Star Burst silk (large)
Steel Ball and Tube (2)
Steinmeyer’s Knot Unexpected knife
Stripper deck (2)
Sucker Die Box (old, walnut)
Super Sucker Monte
Super Rod
Supermatic deck (2)
Supreme plastic chop cup (no balls)
Supreme leather Himber Wallet
Supreme Add-A-Number wallet (3)
Supreme’s The Limit Wallet
Supreme’s Mark Your Words (2)
Supreme’s Little Marvel
Supreme’s Duplicated Thought
Svengali deck (5)
Svengali deck (Bee deck)
Svengali deck (Fox Lake Aviator deck) (15)
Swift’s Close Encounter
Swiss knife
Sword thru half (ND)
Tannen’s Supreme clipboard
Tannen’s Miracle Map
Tannen’s Fantastic Matchboxes
Tarot Deck (large)
Tel-O-Matic trick deck (2)
Tel-O-Matic Deck
Tenyo’s Wandering Hole
The Third Dimension pip changing card
The Hand
The Match
The Marked Card Deck by Shields
The Homing Ball
The Prediction Within
The Cypher Deck
Third Sight Deck by A. Berkeley Davis
Third Dimension
Thought Transmitter from John Cornelius
Three Card Switch
Thumb tip and silk (3)
Thumb tip production rolls
Time of Death (trick watch)
Tip It Pen (3)
Tip It pen (3)
Treasury Transpo (2)
Twin Souls
Two Card Monte
Uday Magic World (2)
Ultimate Prediction refills (4)
Ultimate Hot Rod
Ultimate Insurance Policy (4)
Unbelievable Book Test by Phantini
Unseen Forces (5)
Upside down glass
Vegas dice
Vernet thumb tip (5)
Vernet-type thumb tips (70)
Visible Development–Polaroid Miracle Card
Waltzing Matilda from Duscheck
Welcome Silk
WGAF by Dusheck (low power radio transmitter)
Wizard stripper deck (2)
Wonder Signal
Zanadu color changing wand
Zanadu Card to Flower (2)
Zanadu Wand A Ring
Zanadu Magician’s Credit Card
Zenith Card Prediction
Zig Zag Card (4)
102 E-Z Magic Tricks–Robbins
200 More Tricks You Can Do–by Thurston
202 Methods of Forcing–by Ted Annemann
21 Himber Wallet Routines–by Ken Baker
25 One Man Mind Reading Tricks–by U. F. Grant (2)
264 Instant Magic Tricks–by B. Dorian
50 Tricks With A Thumb Tip–by Milbourne Christopher
75 Tricks With A Stripper Deck–by Stevenson
84 Card Tricks–by Hugh Morris
A Life Among Secrets: The Adventures of Eddie Fields–by Stephen Minch
A Guide To Increasing Your Money Magic Power–by Mariano Palhina
A Lesson in Magic–by Trevor Lewis
A Gambler’s Dream–by Roberto Giobbi
A Complete Course in Stage Hypnotism–by Robert Nelson
A Boon For All Seasons–by Eric Mason and Barrie Richardson
Abbott’s Magic Catalog #23 with price lists
Almost Real Prediction–by Jack London (xerox)
Annemann’s Card Magic–by Ted Annemann
Art of Magic–T. Nelson Downs
Astrology and Psychic Phenomena–by Andre Kole and Terry Holley
Autotelepathy–by Victor Durante
Basic Card Technique--by Anthony Norman
Beat ‘Em, Cheat’ Em, Leave ‘Em Bleedin’–by Bobby Knuckles
Bell’s Book of Tricks–by Patrick Page
Best of Friends–by Harry Lorayne
Between Two Minds–by Thompson and Rutledge
Blondie and Dagwood’s Adventure In Magic–by Chic Young (1944)
Call the Doctor–by Dr. Doom
Card Mastery–by Michael McDougall
Catalog For Mental Magic and Allied Arts from Nelson Enterprises #25  146 pgs. (1956)
Catalog of Magic–by Marvin Kaye
Cheating at Cards–by Al Lampkin
Confessions of A Medium–by Anonymous
Confidence Crooks and Blackmailers–by Basil Tozer (old)
Contact Mind Reading–Expanded–by Dariel Fitzkee
Counts, Cuts, Moves, and Subtlety–by Jerry Mentzer
Creative Magic–by John Tremaine
Dante’s System of of Life Span Readings–by Robert Nelson
Dunninger’s Power by Hypnotism–by David Lustig
Dunninger’s Complete Encyclopedia of Magic–by Joseph Dunninger (fair cond.)
En Rapport–by Theodore Annemann (old, cover in poor condition)
Entertaining With Hypnotism–by Calostro
ESP, Seers, and Psychics–by Milbourne Christopher
ESP Session–by Nick Trost
ESP: A Scientific Evaluation–by C. E. M. Hansel
Evans Magic Catalog reprint of 1918-9 edition
Expert Card Technique–by Hugard and Braue (2)
Faith Healers–by James Randi (2)
Feature Three–by Roy Johnson
Final Call–by Roy Johnson
Fogel Gives Himself Away–by Maurice Fogel
Fortune Telling and Character Reading–by Rosiere (very old, poor condition)
Frauds, Rip-Offs, and Con Games–by Victor Santoro
Fun With Magic–by Joseph Leeming
Funny Stuff–by Tom Ladshaw
Further Confessions of a Psychic–by Uriah Fuller
Future Thought–by S. D. Threadgill
G Powder Effects–by Irv Cook
Gambling Know How–by Irv Sutton
Games For the Silly–by Dr. Doom (4)
Games You Can’t Lose–by Harry Anderson
Great Hypnotic Act–by Dr. Q
Greates Moves of Magic (Mind Reading vol.)–by Warner Perry
Greatest Mental Secrets–by Phantini
Guide to Magic as A Hobby–by Bill Severn
Handbook of Magic–by Marvin Kaye
Hank Lee’s Catalog of Magic–Vol. 9
Hoffmann’s Modern Magic–byProfessor Hoffman
Houdini On Magic–by Walter Gibson
Houdini and Sherlock Holmes In The Adventure of The Pandora Plague–by Lee Mathias
Houdini: His Life and Art–by James Randi
Houdini’s Spirit World and Dunninger’s Psychic Revelations–by Houdini and Dunninger (2)
How Much Are You Worth–by Ron London
How To Make Money at Trade Shows and Fairs–by Tommy Windsor
How To Be Commercial–by Ron London (2)
How Con Games Work–by M. Allen Henderson
How To Play With Your Food–by Penn and Teller
How Gamblers Win–Abbott’s Magic
Hypnosis: Clinical, Social, and Theatrical Uses–by E. R. Hutchison (3)
I’ll Read Your Mind–by Aage Darling
Illustrated Magic–by Ottokar Fischer
Incredible Mental Secrets–by Phantini (2)
Inside Tracks lectlure tour–by Jon Racherbaumer
Inside Street Magic–by Michael Rubinstein
Inside Outs–by Beam and Morris
It Must Be Mindreading–by George Anderson
It’s Better Than Digging Roads–by Ken Brooke (includes two hours of audio tapes)
It’s So Simple–by Fred Kaps
Jinx Program #2 (A mental club act)
Kid Show Showmanship–by Bruce Posgate
Lecture notes from 1991 European tour–by Jon Racherbaumer
Lecture number 1–by Steve Dusheck
Lecture Notes–by Pat Mollo
Lecture Extra–by Roy Johnson
Magic Tricks and Card Tricks–by Wilfrid Jonson (2)
Magic Comedy–by Bill Severn
Magic Shows You Can Give–by Bill Severn
Magic Directory 1993 edition–by John Fareed (5)
Magic in Your Pockets–by Bill Severn
Magic With An ESP Deck–by Sam Dalal
Magic Stage Illusions, Special Effects, and Trick Photography–by A. Hopkins
Magic Autograph Poster Gallery–by Darwin
Magic Directory 1982-3 edition
Magic With Everyday Objects–by George Schindler
MAK Magic catalog Vol. 8
Master Key and Set-Up Systems–by GBC Press
Masters of Magic–by Chip Lovitt
Masters of Magic–by Gene Wright
Meet the Moulders of the I.B.M. 1976 listing and photos–by Len Vintus
Mellon’s Mental Wise Vol.2–by Ed Mellon
Mental Mysteries: The Theory and Practice of Mentalism-by E. R. Hutchison (3)
Mental Discernment–by Ralph Hull (very old)
Mental Mysteries With Cards–by William Larsen
Mental Wise Vol. Three–by Ed Mellon
Merrill’s Knife Book–by R.D. Merrill
Mexican Magicians Directory circa 1989 (Spanish)
Modern Coin Magic–by J. B. Bobo (2)
Modus Operandi: The Card Magic of Jack Carpenter–by Stephen Hobbs
Mortimer’s Magic Magazine (booklet) Vol. 1, 2, and 3–edited by Jim Klein
Nelson’s Mental Gimmick manuscript–by Robert Nelson
Never Give A Sucker An Even Break–by John Fisher
Off Beat Mentalism–by Arthur Settington
Official Rules of Card Games–by Hoyle (old, fair cond.)
Pages From A Medium’s Notebook–by Anonymous
Panorama of Magic–by Milbourne Christopher
Paragon Nail Writer–by Donald and David Wilson
Paul Daniel’s Story of Magic–by John Fisher
Perfecting Your Card Memory–by Charles Edwards
Phantini Revisited–by Phantini
Phantini’s Lecture Notes–by Gene Grant
Phantini’s Challenge Mental Act–by Phantini (2)
Poker To Win: Expose of Advantage Poker Play–by Al Smith
Practical Mental Effects–by Theodore Annemann (2)
Prediction–by Bob Mason (booklet)
Prolix Spirit Writer–by Wilbur Kattner (booklet)
Pseudo-Mentally Yours–by Bob Cassidy
Psychic Character Analysis–by Hester and Hudson
Psychic Paradoxes–by John Booth
Psycholinguistics–by T. A. Waters
Psychological Mysteries–by Edward Hutchison
Pure Gold–by Roy Johnson
Quick Hypnotic Tricks–by Stewart James
Raven on Psychometry–by Anthony Raven
Rich Uncle From Fiji–by M.P. Adams
Road Hustler--by Robert Prus
Same Both Sides–by Lloyd Jones’
Scarne on Card Tricks–by John Scarne
Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus–by Martin Gardner
Science and the Paranormal–by Abell and Suinger
Sealed Vision X-Ray Eye Act–by Will Dexter
Second Time Around–by Roy Johnson (fair condition)
Secret of my Magic–by David Devant
Secrets of Mind Power–by Harry Lorayne (3)
Secrets of Gambling–by Hugh Miller
Select Mental Effects–by Joseph (Micro) White
Self-Working Mental Magic–by Karl Fulves
Simplicity, Audacity, and Bluff–by Val Andrews
Son of Greater Magic–by Pete Biro
Sorcar Program (circa 1950)
Sound Mentalism–by Sam Dalal
Souvenir program IBM convention in Cincinnati (1969)
Step Right Up: The Adventure of Circus in America–by Hoh and Rough
Supplement to Section B of Magicians of the World Directory–by Len Vintus 1976
Svengali Deck–by John Fabjance
Taking The Edge: Trade Secrets in Gambling–by Martin Allen
Tan Choon Tee on Mentalism–by Tan Choon Tee
Tannen’s Magic Catalog #16, published 1989, over 800 pgs. Doug Henning on cover
Tannen’s Magic Catalog #5, published 1965, Lou Tannen on cover
Tarbell Course in Magic Vol. 4–by Harlan Tarbell
Teach Yourself Magic–by J. Elsden Tuffs
Televison For The Mentalist–by Scott Davis
The Best of Senator Crandall--by Clarke Crandall
The Gambling Magician–by B. W. McCarron
The Mime Book–by Claude Kipnis
The Carter Scrapbook–by Frank and Temple (2)
The Edison of Magic and his Incredible Creations–by Burling Volta Hull (3)
The Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians–by T. A. Waters
The Amazing ESP Act–by Tommy Tucker (7 pgs.)
The Converse Chart (astrology)–by Wanda Whitcraft
The Roy Johnson Experience–by Roy Johnson
The Psychology of the Psychic–by Marks and Kammann
The Mystery of the Merry Magician–by Ellery Queen, Jr.
The Fabulous Showman (P. T. Barnum)–by Irving Wallace (2)
The Pop-Up Book of Magic Tricks–by Ron Van Der Meer
The Swami Gimmick–by Sam Dalal (3)
The Phantom of the Card Table–by Eddie McGuire
The Change Raisers–by W. M. Tucker
The Modern Hoyle 1947
The New Premonition–by Eddie Joseph
The Odds Against Me–by John Scarne (jacket in poor cond., first edition)
The Complete Guide to Billet Switching–by Corinda and Read
The Bunko Book–by Walter B. Gibson (2)
The Catalog of Magic–by Jeffrey Feinman
Theatre of Blood–by Dr. Doom
Theatre of Blood–by Dr. Doom
Third Dimension–by Roy Johnson
Thumb Tip Miracles–by Darwin
Thurston Book of Magic-small booklet in fair condition, very old
Tony Torino Lecture Notes–by Tony Kardyro
Turn Of A Friendly Card: A Treatise on the Tarot–by Jim Magus
Ultimate Mental Secrets–by Phantini (3)
Vaudeville Hypnotism–by Lustig
Vaudeville Mind Reading–by David Lustig (La Vellma) 1920 (fair condition)
Wanna Bet–by Frances Marshall
We Remember Dante–by Joel Ray (4)
What’s On Your Mind–by Dunninger (old, fair condition)
What’s New In Magic–by Walter Gibson
Who’s Who In Magic–by Bart Whaley
Wipe Out–by Terri Rogers
Wonders of Magic–by John Booth
You, Too Can Read Minds–by George Anderson
Zufall’s Memory Trix Vols. 3, 5, and 6 (booklets)